JEE / PMT - Biology

Cell : A Unit of Life

Structural Organization in Animals-I (Animal Histology)

The Eukaryotic Cell and its Organelles

Kingdom Monera

Origin of Life

Kingdom Fungi

Growth and Development of Flowering Plants

The Living World

Biology: The science of Life

Kingdom Protoctista-I (Algae)

Kingdom Plantae – II (Pteridophyta)

Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Protoctista-II (Protozoans)

Cell Cycle and Cell Reproduction

Plant Morphology (general and Stem)

Endocrine System

Kingdom Plantae – III (Gymnosperms)

Microbes in Human Welfare

Viruses (Akaryota)

Kingdom Plantae – I (Plants in General and Bryophyta)

Human Health and Diseases

Pisces: The Fishes

Biological Classification

The Chordates: In General

Mammalia: The Advanced Homeotherms

Absorption of Water and Minerals

Plant Morphology (Leaf)

Properties of Life

Kingdom Plantae – IV (Angiosperms)

Mollusca:The Soft Bodied Shelled Animals

Biology Today

Cellular Respiration

Human Evolution

Flower Morphology

Evolution and Its Evidences

Platyhelminthes:The Flat Worms


Annelida:The Metameric Segmented Worms

Nematoda:The Round Worms

Plant – Water Relation

Echinodermata: The first Enterocoelous Coelomates

Cnidaria:The Radiate Animals

Aves: The Flying Tetrapods

Porifera:The Pore Bearers

Plant Morphology (Root)

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Structural Organization in Animals-II (Morphology and Anatomy of Earthworm, Cockroach and Frog)

Amphibia: The Early Tetrapods

Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Ascent of Sap

Application of Biotechnology

Kingdom Protoctista-III (Advanced Protista-slime Moulds)

Digestive System

Human Reproduction

Principles of inheritance and variations

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Nutrient Recycling

Human Genetic Disorders

Ecosystem: Structure and Functions

Biodiversity and Conservation

Chromosomal Theory of inheritance

Ctenophora:The Comb Jellies

Minor Phyla (Rotifera, Gastrotricha, Kinorhyncha, Priapulida, Nematomorpha, Acanthocephala, Entoproc

Arthropoda:Animals with jointed Appendages

Reptilia: The First True Land Animals




Dispersal of Seeds and Fruits

Angiospermic Taxonomy

Plant Anatomy – I (Tissues)

Plant Anatomy – II (Tissue System)

Plant Anatomy – III (Organs)

Plant Anatomy – IV (Secondary Growth)

Tools and Techniques in Biology


The Prokaryotic Cell and Its Organization

Molecules of the Cell

Enzymes, Vitamins and Hormones



Plant Nutrition and Nitrogen Metabolism

Integumentary System

Respiratory System and Exchange of Gases

Circulatory System and Body Fluids

Excretory System

Locomotion and Movement (Muscular and Skeletal System)

Nervous System

Sense Receptors

Modern Biology

Biologists From India

More Exceptions in Biology

Technology for Medical Applications

Reproduction in organisms

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Pollination and Fertilization in Flowering Plants

Plant Embryology (Development of Seeds and Fruits)

Embryonic Development of Human

Reproductive Health

Theories of Evolution

Modern Concept of Evolution


Enhancement of Food Production – I

Enhancement of Food Production – II

Organism and its Environment


Environmental Issues