B.Tech. - Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

Basic Peripherals and Their Interfacing with 8086

Microprocessor Architecture

8086 Microprocessor

Assembly Language Programming of 8085

DMA, Floppy Disk and CRT Controllers

8086 Instruction Set and Assembler Directives

Assembly Language Programming with 8086

Special Architectural Features and Related Programming

Special Purpose Programmable Peripheral Devices and Their Interfacing

80386 Microprocessor

8051 Microcontrollers

8051 Hardware Connection

8051 Assembly Language Programming

Jump, loop, and Call Instructions

8051 I/O Port Programming

8051 Addressing Modes

Arithmetic & Logic Instructions and Programs

8051 Serial Port Programming in Assembly

Interrupts Programming in Assembly

ADC, DAC, and Sensor Interfacing

Interfacing to External Memory

8051 Interfacing with the 8255

Motor Control: RELAY, PWM, DC, and Stepper Motors